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Modernized Features of Hosted PBX Systems for SMBs

Hosted PBX systems are intensive communication solutions that allow business organizations to have all the features of an extensive phone systems for their use at just a small fraction of the costs involved otherwise. A major part of the hardware is maintained at the location of a remote service provider and the routing of calls is managed online through this remote server. All that the users need to have at their end is an internet connection and the phones.

There are however certain specifications for the use of Hosted PBX VOIP systems. For enterprises that opt for on-desk phones, a high-speed LAN connection with separate data and voice bandwidth is the most suitable option. Such enterprises have a choice of the desk phones used. They can have VOIP phones or soft phones on PCs or analogues phones with ATA. For those enterprises that manage their operations through mobile devices, a 3G connection or Wi-Fi connection would work well. The phone options for them may be soft phones on laptops or mobile dialers on Blackberry, Android or any smart phone.

Hosted PBX systems have been providing the services of a lavish phone system to the small business firms for years now. These features have evolved over the time and now, there is complete collaboration of all forms of communication over a single channel. With this system, business enterprises can have one number to be used no matter where they relocate. The calling numbers that are required for this type of communication are virtual numbers that are ported on a remote server and deliver all the functionality over the cloud.

This number can be connected to various lines and channels and extensions at the back end. When a call comes in, it is dialed to the main displayed number which can be either a local number or toll free number. This call can be directed to the various extensions at the back end based on the priority set. For the convenience of the users, this interface is enriched with IVR feature that carries the calls through an automated menu. The clients can simply press a number and the calls are routed to the concerned department. This not only saves the customer time and effort but also increases the efficiency of the back end communication team.

The distribution of calls can be managed according to various times of day when the enterprise functions in 24x7 environments. The priority of call hunt, call routing, call forwarding, etc. can be set so as to efficiently manage the distribution of calls and to increase the chances of a call being answered. When no one is available to answer the call, it can be forwarded to the voicemail. The message can be heard at a later point of time and the potential clients can be called back. Hosted PBX offers a number of other features that make the management of business leads quite easy.

The massive PBX features provided by Hosted PBX services can be used by business organizations to display the image of a large business firm that is dominant in the business era. This system not only provides the benefits of cost-effectiveness but also offers the freedom to scalability and mobility. Scalability is essential since the organizations can gain maximum profitability with minimum investment. Mobility allows the SMBs to attend their calls all-round the clock from wherever they are. Thus, the implementation of this hosted communication channel seems to be endlessly benefiting the small business organizations in managing their business interaction affairs.

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Let your US Toll Free Number Build a Professional Image

As seen from the marketing perspective, there is no denial of the fact that any sort of advertisement or promotion of your products or services tends to create a better response when you advertise your toll free number along. US Business firms who are aware of the benefits of using US toll free number have already taken their next step to effective client attraction and brand development while those that are unaware are still lingering around the suburbs of the concept. The market research states that business firms that have deployed the use of 8xx numbers are getting 30% better customer response than the others that are not.

Recent research states that business firms can increase their ROI to as much as 50% in a short span of time by adopting the usage of US toll free number. The reason these numbers are most dominant in the US business arena is the fact that most of the business customers either for the B2B platform or B2C platform are based in the United States. 800 number services are such that can be used by any business firm no matter where it is situated. So, the most prevalent practice in today’s world is to get a number that is toll free to the US customers and use that number virtually from any part of the world.

Targeting the US market for business seems to be one of the most challenging options since those customers need credibility of your business. This is where your US toll free number can play its role. Earlier the mobile telecom providers used to route toll free calls but this was a privilege to the elite as they had the position to take possession of such an expensive number as every customer call would add to the investment of business. Now, with the introduction of Hosted PBX systems and the increasing use of Hosted PBX VOIP, almost every small and medium scale enterprise can afford this luxury.

Now when it comes to getting a US toll free number, the choice is the one thing that depicts your credibility in the business market and thus, your should try to make a wise choice. These series of these numbers include 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, etc. There are many more to come as soon as they end. 800 is the king and a business firm holding the possession of 800-xxx-xxxx is considered to be amongst the elite class business firms. This is the level of credibility a small number can provide to your enterprise. However, it is a foretold story that these numbers are no longer available in the Hosted PBX telecommunication market.

The defined hierarchy of US toll free number determines the level of customer trust on the enterprise. Are you wondering what to do in that case? Well, all you need to do is to bid for the established business firms that have been selling their firms. There is another alternative and it is to ask some of the established providers of 800 numbers whether they can provide you with some number that can add new charm to your business. With Small Business PBX in the telecommunication era, the attainment of 8xx number even for your small enterprise is not an issue. So, try to find for the best and if you don’t, opt for the one that is the latest so that you may get all your business demands, in one go.

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Lure Big Gains From Small Business PBX

Have you ever thought of being able to stay connected with your business even when you are not in office? Something that can help you stay connected with your business 24x7, no missing important leads and always being able to help your customers? Possible? Well you might have always wondered about this but there is an option that can provide all what you desire to work efficiently? It’s significantly attainable with the employment of good telecom services. As the world is advancing at a quick pace therefore businesses would obviously have to get smarter. In order to conclude this technology of Hosted PBX was introduced. Hosted PBX services helps you stay in touch with your business irrespective of the location.

Hosted PBX also known as Small business PBX has been structured according to the small business firm’s requirements. It is crucial for every firm be it small or large scale to have a decent market standing. Enterprises today not only run for high revenue generation but also for a better market repute. As small organizations one face fierce competition and it becomes extremely necessary to take the requisite steps so as to develop and grow their business. The biggest challenge ahead of small and medium organizations is that of a restricted budget. Small business PBX services are mainly designed to support and facilitate such organizations. PBX over cloud is economical and has many advanced calling options such as auto call attendant, call hunt and call transfer; call parking etc. These features make the management of calls very easy and swift.

Hosted PBX not solely manages your business calls and routes them to the correct destination they conjointly helps in increasing the output and productivity of the enterprise. These services work on VOIP that stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. Thus you need not to have broad technical skills to operate and maintain hosted PBX system. Options like auto call attendant eliminate the requirement of recruiting a secretarial assistant to answer your business calls. Calls between the extensions free therefore although the corporate may have branches in several locations the cost of communication can never go up.

Small Business PBX provides flexibility to its users with no constraint of location, one may be home, out of city or anyplace for that matter all you need to have is a good internet connection to remain connected with your work. Your calls may even be forwarded to your mobile phone to facilitate your functioning. Such advanced calling features make the PBX stand apart from the other available communication options. It is essential for small scale organizations to use good telecom services to pose a competitive edge to the firm’s counterparts.

In order to bring each company at par and to bridge the gap between the big and small firms, it absolutely was necessary to own such an interface. Small business PBX aims at empowering small enterprises through advanced telephony technology. Elimination of upfront cost payment, low operation price, freedom from communication hassles, advanced calling options, simple customization, and reduction in call rates makes PBX for small business a good choice. It is a very sensible investment to reap business edges. With an efficient communication like the one provided by the small business PBX any company can reflect a dominant image. Make a right choice with Cloud based PBX.


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